Samson Dauda Trains Shoulders and Calves Throughout 2023 Mr. Olympia Prep

The 2023 Arnold Traditional winner needs one other main title.

Samson Dauda captured his first skilled title on the 2023 Arnold Classic in March. Now he’s in a position to solely concentrate on the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest, happening in Orlando, FL on the weekend of Nov. 2-5, 2023. He’ll already be one of many largest males, each in top and weight, when he steps on stage with the remainder of the sector, however he’s specializing in getting even larger and wider. To that finish, Dauda showcased his onerous work in a latest exercise that blasted his shoulders and calves, which he shared on his YouTube channel.

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Calf Presses and Donkey Calf Raises

He carried out this exercise at CHF Health club in Braintree, UK, and he started with calves by performing calf raises on a leg press, adopted by donkey calf raises in superset trend — an depth approach Dauda used all through the coaching session. He commented about attempting to maintain a tender bend in his knees on the leg press to emphasise the soleus muscle of the calves. Dauda defined that the donkey calf increase, an Arnold Schwarzenegger favourite, focused the gastrocnemius. The precise reps or weight weren’t shared, however he carried out three supersets on digital camera earlier than shifting on.

Find out how to Do the Calf Press: Sit on a leg press machine with the heels of your ft hanging barely off the underside of the sled. Your toes must be securely set on the sled plate. As soon as the burden is launched from the security pins, maintain a tender bend in your knees. Use solely your toes and flex your calves to maneuver the burden. As soon as your calves are totally flexed, slowly decrease the sled plate till you’re feeling a stretch in your calves — your heels must be “ahead” farther than your toes. Press once more to carry out the following rep and repeat.

Find out how to Do the Donkey Calf Elevate: Bend your higher physique ahead together with your hips at a roughly 90-degree angle. Hold your again straight and set your calves hanging off of safe a platform. Have somebody sitting in your decrease again if you put together to begin the motion or you may hold weight from a dip belt hooked up to your waist. Flex your calves and carry your heels up so your hips drive towards the ceiling. As soon as your calves are totally flexed, slowly return to the beginning place and repeat for desired reps.

Seated Machine Shoulder Press and Seated Lateral Elevate

The opening superset of his shoulder coaching featured seated machine shoulder presses adopted by seated lateral raises with dumbbells. The primary motion centered on the anterior (entrance) deltoid head whereas the latter motion remoted the center head of the shoulder space. Dauda stated he needed to concentrate on high quality contractions, which is why carried out every repetition comparatively slowly and with calculated motion. Dauda was proven working as much as 110 kilograms (242 kilos) for 12 repetitions on the press earlier than concluding with 11 repetitions utilizing an undisclosed weight for his closing units of lateral raises.

Find out how to Do the Seated Machine Shoulder Press: Sit on the machine and seize the handles together with your palms going through ahead. Hold your ft flat on the ground and your again straight, supported towards the pad. Press the handles up till your arms are straight overhead. Decrease them again down slowly, however don’t let the handles attain the very backside place. Your elbows must be barely beneath shoulder-level on the backside. Repeat for the specified reps.

Find out how to Do the Seated Lateral Elevate: Sit on the sting of a flat bench with a dumbbell in every hand — enable your arms to hold down at your sides with palms going through one another. Hold a slight bend on the elbow as you carry the dumbbells out to your sides till your elbows are at shoulder-height. Pause briefly earlier than reducing the weights again to the beginning place. Pause briefly on the backside earlier than performing the following rep.

Reverse Cable Flye

Following that superset, Dauda moved on to focus on his rear deltoids with rear delt cable flyes at a twin cable station. The cables allowed him to take care of rigidity all through your complete vary of movement. He prolonged that vary of movement by holding onto the cables themselves as a substitute of a deal with attachment. 

Find out how to Do the Reverse Cable Flye: Stand in between two cable pulleys set greater than eye-level. Seize one pulley on all sides with the other hand to allow them to cross in entrance of your physique — take the left cable in your proper hand and the fitting cable in your left hand. Step again so your arms will be straight whereas the pinned weight doesn’t contact the remainder of the stack. That is the beginning place. Pull the cables again whereas conserving your arms straight to contract your rear delts. When you’ve pulled again so far as you may, slowly launch the stress and return to the beginning place. Repeat for the specified reps.

Standing Machine Shoulder Press and Single Arm Cable Lateral Elevate

“The Nigerian Lion” then carried out a second overhead pressing motion however, unconventionally, he used a squat machine to supply resistance. Urgent it ahead at an angle labored the entrance delts in the same method to a landmine press. This was paired up with one other lateral raise variation — single-arm cable lateral raises, which offered one final supply of centered stimulation for the facet delts. On his closing set of single-arm cable laterals, Dauda was proven utilizing three weight plates for 11 repetitions, per arm, after urgent 150 kilograms (330 kilos) for 13 reps.

Find out how to Do the Standing Machine Shoulder Press: Stand in entrance of a squat machine and place your palms on the pads that may relaxation in your shoulders. Raise the machine as much as launch the security deal with and take management of the burden. Utilizing the power in your shoulders, press the machine up and ahead so far as you may. Resist the urge to make use of leg drive to construct momentum. As soon as your arms are straight, pause briefly earlier than reducing the machine again to the beginning place. Repeat for the specified reps. You probably have a tall Smith machine or a selected standing shoulder press machine, you may carry out the same train by following the directions as they’re described on the machine.

Find out how to Do the Single-Arm Cable Lateral Elevate: Stand beside a cable station with a low pulley and a single deal with attachment related to the cable. Seize the cable attachment together with your reverse hand — if the cable is to your proper, seize it together with your left hand and vice versa. Start with the cable in entrance of your physique together with your arm in entrance of your hip. Utilizing the power in your shoulder, carry the deal with up towards the working (farthest from the cable pulley). As soon as the deal with is simply above shoulder-height, pause briefly earlier than reducing again to the beginning place. Repeat for the specified reps, then swap sides to work the other shoulder in the identical kind.

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

Samson-Sized Shoulder and Calf Exercise

If you wish to strive a exercise like this for your self, you may observe the pattern routine beneath.

  • Superset: Calf Press and Donkey Calf Elevate — 3 x 15 per train
  • Superset: Seated Machine Press and Seated Lateral Elevate — 3 x 10-12 per train
  • Reverse Cable Flye — 3 x 12
  • Superset Standing Machine Press and Single-Arm Cable Lateral Elevate — 3 x 15 per train

Dauda completed the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest in sixth place. The 5 males that positioned forward of him are defending titleholder Hadi Choopan, runner-up Derek Lunsford, Nick Walker (third), 2019 champion Brandon Curry (4th), and 2020-2021 winner Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (fifth). Dauda defeated each Walker and Elssbiay after they shared the stage on the 2023 Arnold Traditional in Columbus, OH. All six of these males are among the many elite bodybuilders certified to compete within the Olympia in November.

Featured Picture: SAMSON DAUDA on YouTube

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